3×1 Pigtail HDMI Switcher Up to 1080P (Gold Plated)(Black)


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1. This HDMI three-in-one-out switch makes it easy to switch three sources to one display, and has both button conversion and smart functions.
2. Save time: With a fixed, self-contained HDMI cable, it saves you money and saves you time.
3. This HDMI switch can transmit high definition video (1080p) and digital audio from any source port to the display.
4. Compatible: The source port of all input devices can match the port of HD video at the same time, and is compatible with HD-DVD, SKY-STB, PS3, Xbox6 etc.
5. Output port: The switch output port is capable of transmitting high-definition audio/video signals to high-definition displays.
6. This 3 ports HDMI splitter is perfect for every household or business with many devices connected to the monitor.
7. The splitter is simply plug and play.